My mum was forever taking photos of my brother and I. She has many albums of photos of us growing up. There are lots of family photos from parties and family gatherings. I'm really happy we have these memories collected these photo books of my family.  I have continued the tradition of collecting family photos.

Moving from London to the US and then living in Sri Lanka and traveling around the world has given me the opportunity to capture lots of portraits of people. I have been drawn to organizations helping to educate and raise the self esteem of women and girls in countries like India.

Returning to the US, in the Summer of 2020, wildfires here in Oregon burned more than 1,000,000  acres of land, destroying thousands of homes. We watched the updates closely, in Portland. I remember packing a few items of clothing, our passports and other forms of ID. I also grabbed as many of our photos and albums that I could fit in our bags. This moment showed me what was most precious to me.

My focus on portrait photography is what I love, with the emphasis on producing big  beautiful artwork, that you will love too and want to decorate your home with. I believe, the art work captured are family heirlooms that will be cherished and over time become even more valuable to you.